Dr. Pushkar Kasat


Dr. Pushkar Kasat completed his MBBS and entered the field of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT). After doing post-graduation in ENT, Dr. Pushkar Kasat decided to enter the niche super speciality field of NEUROTOLOGY.

Neurotology is a super specialized stream of medicine which deals with the diagnosis and management of balance disorders and other diseases of the inner ear and some special parts of brain that are involved in the maintenance of hearing and balance.

He has taken extensive higher training in this field under Dr. Anirban Biswas (a pioneer of the above speciality in entire south east Asia).

Professional Credentials


  • International Vestibular Diploma (AVISA)
  • Fellowship in Neurotology (IAOHNS)
  • DNB (Otorhinolaryngology)
  • MBBS

education background

  • Very active academically, he has presented many acclaimed papers in National & International Forums.

    Some of his prominent achievements include

    • Outstanding Performance (scoring 87%) in the International Online Vestibular Diploma Comprehensive Exam.
    • Successfully Completed ‘MIGRAINE EXPERTS ACADEMY’, A program on Migraine run under the auspices of INTERNATIONAL HEADACHE SOCIETY

    He has a very scientific & evidence-based approach to patients having symptoms of vertigo, tinnitus or any balance problems. He identifies the causes of vertigo which can range from very benign conditions like Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, Vestibular Neuritis, Vertiginous Migraine, Meniere’s disease, etc. or can also be caused by sinister conditions like multiple sclerosis or a tumor in Brain e.g., a Vestibular Schwannoma.

    He can perform most of the advanced vestibulometric tests to evaluate balance disorder patients.

Professional Experience

He has practiced at many of the prominent medical institutions in Mumbai. He also loves to teach and has been a faculty to undergraduate students at BYL Nair Hospital during his tenure with the hospital.

Dr. Pushkar Kasat is one of the first doctor working exclusively in the field of Vertigo & Balance Disorders in Thane and Andheri area.

Currently he is working as a

  • Visiting Consultant as a Vertigo Specialist at Global Hospitals Parel, Mumbai
  • Visiting Consultant as a Vertigo Specialist at Criti Care Hospitals Andheri East, Mumbai
  • Also doing PRIVATE PRACTICE AS A NEUROTOLOGIST in Airoli & Thane.